If you would like to purchase an eCourse with a credit card and start the course immediately, do this…

1. Browse our eCourse catalog at https://elearning.sitecore.net/public/trainingcatalog.aspx and select the title of the course that you want to purchase

2. Review the full course description. Note any setup requirements. Click Add to Cart

3. Click on the shopping cart icon

4. Review the content in your shopping cart. If you have a Discount Code, enter it in the field highlighted below and click Apply Discount Code. In case of any issues with the discount code, reach out to training@sitecore.com. Finally click Checkout

5. Click Login or Create Account to complete the Checkout process.

6. If you click Create Account, you will be prompted to accept Privacy Notice first. Proceed by reviewing the policies and clicking I agree. 

7. Fill out all required fields in Create New Account screen. Please use your business email address as your LoginID.

8. Once logged in click the shopping cart icon. Review the content in your shopping cart. Click Checkout

9. Click Use this payment method to pay by credit card

10. Enter your billing address. This billing address is used to calculate the sales tax for your purchase. Click Calculate Sales Tax

11. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions and then click Place Order

12. Review the billing address of the Credit Card, enter Payment Details and click Pay

13. Your purchase will convert into an Access Key. To manage Access Keys, from the menu hover over Manage then click Access Keys

14. Choose the course you wish to assign and Click Assign

15. Type the email address of the user to who you want to assign the course and then click Assign. Click Add Another, if you wish to add multiple users. The course will be assigned to learning Transcript of selected user(s).

16. To access the course, go to learning HOME page, scroll to Your Training Profile section and click the title of the course

17. Click Enroll to activate the course

18.  Click on Content list. Course items should be completed in the listed order. Click on START to begin the first module.

19. Once you have completed the module, the system will mark it as completed and you will be able to proceed to the next one.
NOTE: You may need to mark the first few items manually complete before you can access subsequent items

See the tutorial, Purchasing eCourses for yourself or Others, to buy eCourses in bulk for other users.

Please contact training@sitecore.com for technical support