You have been emailed an Access Key from This is what to do…

1. Enter your Login ID and Password at 

2. If you don't have an account yet, click on Browse Public Catalog and then Create Account


3. If you click Create Account, you will be prompted to accept Privacy Notice first. Proceed by reviewing and clicking I agree.   

4. Fill out all required fields in Create New Account screen. Please use your business email address as your LoginID.  

5. Once you are logged in, click your account initials and then click Account

6.  Select the E-Commerce tab and then click Redeem Access Keys

4. Enter the Access Key that you received in your email and click Redeem

5. From your learning HOME page, scroll down to Your Training Profile and click the title of the course

6. Click on Content list. Course items should be completed in the listed order. Click on START to begin the first module.

7. Once you have completed the module, the system will mark it as completed and you will be able to proceed to the next one.
NOTE: You may need to mark the first few items manually complete before you can access subsequent items

Please email for technical support.