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Sitecore® Experience Solution Developer eLearning - Lab 2.3


I am taking the Sitecore® Experience Solution Developer eLearning course and i have just reached lab 2.3: Installing a Sitecore Package.  I have followed the workbook directions and have successfully uploaded 'The Adventure Company - Careers' file (and have already completed lab 2.4 binding hostnames)... however, even though the 'TAC' folders are showing up in the content editor, none of the content is inside... they are simply empty folders.  So, I can view the default sitecore site at careers.tac.local... but none of the TAC layouts, media library items, etc. exist.  Has anyone ever successfully loaded the package, only to be missing the actual content that is supposed to be in the 'TAC' folders? I have attached a screenshot of what my content editor looks like.  thank you in advance for any assistance.

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